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Trekking in the Sirmione area

Excursions from the Hotel Palace Villa Cortine

The area around Sirmione and Lake Garda,  with its trails, little towns, refuges and itineraries is perfect in spring and summer.   For example, towards  Castelletto, Garda or San Zeno it is possible to come across wonderful natural settings.  For the young and not so young this is a trekkers’ paradise around Sirmione and Lake Garda, with a range of trails to choose from, for beginners or more advanced athletes.    

There are both roads and mule tracks that can be enjoyed on foot or, for bicycle lovers, on mountain bikes and it is possible to choose itineraries with wonderful landscapes including Lake Garda and also the Monte Baldo mountain or historical WWI trails. For those who love walking the lake and its surrounding area can be enjoyed from an entirely different perspective, and there are many areas which can be reached by bus, then continuing on foot or on a bicycle. There are many mountains, meadows, little lakes and wine trails to explore on foot.

For example if you head into the hinterland of Lake Garda you can find the most beautiful trails in the Morena area, along the MIncio river, and the wine trails of Custoza and Lugana. The latter is an itinerary from the Verona shore of Lake Garda and the Mincio and Adige rivers that leads through  towns of exceptional historic interest.  And along the way there are many wineries where you can taste the Bianco di Custoza DOC white wine which is make from Trebbiano Toscano, Tocai Friulano and other grapes.  This is just one of the many trails that unite all five senses.  The beautiful landscapes on the morenic Garda hills, the many Risorgimento monuments and the flavours of local wines and culinary specialties, all make these special experiences.

But that is not all because your wanderings can also bring you to old sites, castles from different eras, Medieval monasteries and churches as well as monumental edifices in the uncontaminated countryside.  Trekking on and around Lake Garda is very poplar with Italian and international visitors for its many interesting angles, and is also much loved by lovers of nature, of art and of all things gastronomic.    

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