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5 star Luxury Hotels on Garda Lake

Listed in one of the five star luxury hotels Garda Lake, Villa Cortine is the oldest hotel which has been serving guests since over 30 years.

The sun has gifted a nice tropical environment to entire Lake Garda region which attracts tourists from all across the world here. Without any doubt they prefer to live in finest five star luxury hotels Garda Lake akin to us, on the virtue of our most affordable yet elite hospitality services.

Being located at a strategic position from the lake, the hotel serves fresh lake fish along with Bardolino or Ruby red wines to its guests. The food is made from the natural an authentic olive oil which is derived from the foliage and vineyard that surrounds this beautiful luxury hotels Garda Lake.

Villa Cortine offers you some rich opportunities for excursion either to the magnificent Italian Alps or to the less crowded lakes such as Iseo, Ledro and Tenno. Don’t miss a trip from the River Mincio to Mantova where ‘Parco Sigurtà’, an ever green and blossoming garden is waiting for you.

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