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Best hotels in Sirmione Lake Garda

Choose one of the best hotels in Sirmione Lake Garda, Villa Cortine makes any effort to satisfy all you wishes and is in one of the most stunning locations of Lake Garda.

Blue water, mountains, green vegetation and warm ambience, it is extremely beautiful to move through the blossoming landscapes of one of the best hotels in Sirmione Lake Garda. To ride a motor boat or an antique car through the streets of Sirmione is definitely an uncommon experience you should enjoy.

Whether it is rock or classic, a nice music concert should not be missed while on a holiday to soothing place like Lake Garda. Our dedicated staff is always available to provide you most innovative musical settings to experience the real magic of music which other best hotels in Sirmione fail to provide.

Italy is a heart of creative fashion and every year some modern fashion ideas emerge from here. Shopping in the nearby shops of Villa Cortine is a real delight. From popular designer’s outlets to grand boutiques, you will find everything here. Our guests find it extremely hard to return home without buying something at this scintillating place.

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