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Pet friendly Hotel

Being reputed as the best hotel pet friendly in Sirmione, you don’t need to leave your favorite pet home if you are staying at Villa Cortine.

We know that pets are important part of your family and you will have a discerning eye while finding out a hotel pet friendly during your holiday in Italy. We treat pets similar to human guests. It doesn’t matter what is your reason of staying, we will assure you that your furry companion will enjoy a comfortable stay here.

Our pet friendly hotel in Garda Lake feature top-notch pet friendly facilities such as water bowl and pet bed, especially designed to serve the guests who are travelling with their pets. Special housekeeping service is also provided by our well trained staff, if you want to leave your pets in guest rooms for some time.

At the entrance, Villa Cortine offers a grand welcome to pets and their owners. All the rooms in the hotel are pet friendly and accommodation is provided for pets of any number and any size. To avail all information on pet friendly services offered at our hotel, please get in touch with the customer help desk.

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