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Sport garda

Trekking, tennis and much more

Discover trekking and itineraries on Lake Garda’s splendid mountains, in an area which is also very close to the lake’s beaches.   With suitable equipment, cameras and the desire to discover trails and itineraries around the lake and on its lovely mountains tourists can enjoy trekking around Sirmione. Detailed maps are available in all the tourist offices but even without a map it is possible to find well-beaten trails which are usually in good condition. And in groups, alone or with a friend it is possible to organize exciting excursions through wonderful natural areas.   

And for those who can not do without sport and outdoor activities there are the services offered by the Villa Cortine Palace Hotel for enjoying sporting activities around Lake Garda, such as a handsome outdoor swimming pool and a red-clay tennis court which can be booked with or without the service of a tennis pro.    

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Italy and improves our muscle tone and our physiological wellbeing. Of course it requires a considerable strength of will but it is a sport that can be practiced and enjoyed from the age of 6 to 80. Younger visitors adapt their psychophysical capacity to the full and the older ones can measure the physical strength required, and for both young and old tennis does require a general physical preparation. What better a place for practicing sport than in the clear fresh air with wonderful lake views?  Anyone thinking of a holiday near Lake Garda is thinking of relaxation and wellness thanks to the many thermal facilities in the areas but also to the possibility of enjoying sports and thus keep in good shape, be it by trekking, playing tennis or some other sport.     

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