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Hotel near the Palladian Villas

Discover the Brenta Villas

It is possible to visit the Palladian Villas by boat, sailing past the many Venetian villas on the Brenta Riviera.  But they can also be discovered by car, as it is easy to visit them on personalized itineraries during a day trip.

Sirmione is, respectively, an hour and a half and an hour away from  Padua and Vicenza  which are two important cities on the historical and artistic tour of the Brenta villas. The Palace Villa Cortine,  a hotel close to Sirmione, is the ideal location from which to start out on a one-day custom-made excursion. For example the Venetian villas in Vicenza make the province a constellation of masterpieces that celebrate the history of  16th to 19th-century architecture.

Works of art that bear witness to man’s creative genius, and offer an important exchange of values on an international level, being elements of monumental, urban or rural art. In December 1994 Vicenza, the City of Palladio, entered the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites, as Vicenza’s Palladian villas are considered of exceptional  interest and universal importance having had a major influence on global culture. The Palace Villa Cortine, a hotel near the Brenta villas, is itself a gem of art and history thanks to the Villa and to the park with its age-old trees: a property of rare beauty in which to enjoy relaxing holidays and to use as a starting point for exciting excursions.    

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