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Hotels near the amusement parks

Movieland, Caneva, Gardaland

For those wanting to take a family holiday on Lake Garda the Hotel Palace Villa Cortine is the ideal choice, and the best way to enjoy a 5-star hotel with services for all ages (a swimming pool, restaurant and sports) in a location which abounds with cultural attractions and has a long and fascinating history but also many nearby amusement parks which are close to Sirmione and around Lake Garda.

Gardaland, Movieland and the Caneva Acquapark water park are just some of the parks close to the property. For example Movieland and Caneva are about 2 hours from the Hotel Palace and can easily be reached both by car and train.   There are many amusement parks for all tastes on Lake Garda , as adventure, water, nature and theme parks abound in the area. You may not be aware of this but the first theme parks in Italy date back to the Sixties, when the first family-oriented parks opened.  And while down the years many new water, nature and adventure parks have opened since, there are only three major international amusement parks in Italy one of which is Gardaland which is just 30 minutes from the hotel.    

Of all the hotels near the amusement parks in the Lake Garda area the Palace Villa Cortine is one of the most famous for its atmosphere, its refined and tasteful décor and its extensive parklands.

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