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Hotel near Verona on Garda Lake

Culture and art near Sirmione

The hotel is about 40 minutes from Verona, the Veneto region’s iconic city and home to Romeo and Juliet.  The Arena of Verona, symbol of the city, is a Roman amphitheatre in the historic centre and has a music season with a calendar of events, concerts and performances.  It is a unique architectonic gem and is much loved by Italian and international visitors who come from all over the world for the summer opera and ballet season.     
The city is on the Adige where the river enters into the Po Valley some thirty kilometres east of Lake Garda. The hotel, which is near Verona, has a concierge service through which it is possible to book tickets for performances in the Arena including the many great and famous operas staged during the summer opera season.
The capacity of the Arena for the summer festival performances is 22,000 people although structurally the Arena could in fact take 30,000, and in this stunning location the audience finds itself suspended between the sky and the stage.  A visit to Verona takes a few hours and why not end  it with a performance in the Arena?   The return to the hotel takes about an hour and guests can then relax in the tasteful and beautifully appointed rooms.

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